You asked: Does Toyota bumper to bumper warranty cover battery?

Is battery covered on Toyota warranty?

The warranty for a Toyota battery is generous, including replacement options for normal wear and tear. Plus, the battery warranty coverage extends to defective manufacturer parts.

Do bumper to bumper warranties cover batteries?

If you have a new car with the new car bumper to bumper warranty, your original OEM battery is usually covered for around 3 years / 36,000 miles, such as with Kia’s manufacturer warranty. … However, if you’re over this threshold it’s unlikely your battery is covered.

Does Toyota replace batteries for free?

What is covered: Toyota offers a complete line of top quality maintenance-free replacement batteries for Toyota vehicles. All Toyota batteries installed by a Toyota dealer are warranted for 24 months for parts and labour.

Does Toyota replace batteries?

Toyota Direct Service Center

Schedule your appointment at Toyota Direct to have your battery serviced or replaced. We will also properly dispose of your old battery to help conserve our environment!

Does battery problem come under warranty?

And just because your device shows battery damage within the specified period of time, you are not entitled to a replacement under warranty. … However, if the manufacturer finds a material or manufacturing defect in the battery of your specific device, it will usually replace it at no additional cost.

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Are batteries covered under extended warranty?

Car batteries are considered “wear & tear” items, like tires, brake pads and motor oil, so they are not typically covered by extended warranties. However, batteries do typically come with their own warranty coverage.

Is a battery covered under used car warranty?

Your car battery is regarded as a consumable item, and these components sometimes only have a limited period of full warranty cover. This is certainly a detail worth checking when you first purchase the car, as manufacturers’ warranties can vary.

What brand of car battery does Toyota use?

TrueStart™ and True-2™ batteries have been approved by Toyota engineers for years of trouble-free service—and no one knows your Toyota better than they do.

How much is a car battery for a Toyota?

How much to replace the battery in my Toyota? Depending on power, size, and quality, prices for a replacement car battery range from about $45 to $250.

Who makes Toyota auto batteries?

The Toyota batteries made by Johnson Controls have an excellent track record of longevity. In the early 90’s Toyota switched over to Exide for one or two years, and for the first time that I’m aware of they started having to warranty lots of batteries that were failing in less than 12 months.