You asked: Does Napa check engine codes for free?

Almost every chain autoparts store, AutoZone, NAPA, O’Reilly has a reader device they will lend you to check the codes at the store’s parking lot. This is a good thing to do. A surprising portion of check engine lights are caused by not fastening your gas cap tightly.

Does NAPA scan codes for free?

What your mechanic probably won’t tell you is that you really didn’t need to shell out $100 just for them to hook up an OBD-II scanner to check on the service engine light. You can get that for free at most auto-parts stores. I’ve had this done at NAPA and Advance Auto Parts. It costs nothing.

Does NAPA test check engine light for free?

Your mechanic will probably tell you that you did not need to spend $100 just to have an OBD-II scanner hooked up to check the engine’s service light. Most auto parts stores offer that for free. The process was done at NAPA and Advance Auto Parts for me. There is no cost to it.

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Will NAPA run codes?

Your certified NAPA AUTOPRO technician will use a scan tool to get the diagnostic trouble code(s) of a defective part or component.

Does NAPA do a diagnostic test?

Diagnose & DIY Like A Pro

Routine car maintenance and vehicle service doesn’t have to be done by an automotive technician at a body shop. … NAPA AUTO PARTS offers a wide range of straightforward scan tools and diagnostic tools.

Who will read engine codes for free?

But you may not realize you might be able to get that problem checked for free at AutoZone or your other local auto parts stores. Many drivers don’t realize that AutoZone, the nation’s largest auto parts chain, will do the following services free of charge: Read the codes on your check engine light.

Where can I get a free car scan code?

Most auto parts stores will have an OBD-II scanner on hand to check the OBD-II PID service codes, and will do it for free.

At a local auto parts store

  • Advance Auto Parts.
  • AutoZone.
  • Napa Auto Parts.
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts.
  • Pep Boys Auto Parts.

How much should a check engine light diagnostic cost?

On average, the fee to have an auto mechanic diagnose a check engine light is $100.

What is the code for check engine light?

Follow these 4 steps to insert and read the OBD scanner:

  1. Step 1: Locate your vehicle’s OBD port. …
  2. Step 2: Plug your OBD scan tool into the connector. …
  3. Step 3: Read the codes in the computer. …
  4. Step 4: Record the codes that display. …
  5. Step 2: Determine the meaning of the letter.
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How much is a code reader for a car?

Comparison of the best OBD2 scanners in 2022

Brand Price
The best Bluetooth smartphone OBD2 scanner BlueDriver $100
The best OBD2 scanner if money is no object or if you’re a paid professional Bosch $4,490
The best leave-it-in-all-the-time OBD2 Bluetooth dongle FIXD $50
The best dedicated OBD2 scanner on a budget Innova $90

Is it illegal to clear check engine codes?

It’s called fraudulent concealment and it is illegal. Many states will allow punitive damages. This car dealership should count themselves lucky that you discovered this problem before it caused any personal injuries.

Do dealerships charge for diagnosis?

Originally Answered: Do dealerships charge for diagnosis? If the vehicle in question is past the factory warranty, the dealer will likely charge you for a diagnosis. If a repair is needed, the diagnosis “might be” covered for free as a part of a repair by that dealership.

Do mechanics do free diagnostics?

Diagnosing a problem is work, and mechanics don’t work for free. Diagnostic tools cost money, in many cases a lot of money. Professional OBD II tools can costs thousands, some over $10,000 to purchase, and cost thousands to keep updated. The shop needs to recoup the costs of those tools.

How do I get my engine checked?

You can take it to the dealer or an auto mechanic shop, to an auto parts store like AutoZone, or you can check it yourself with a scan tool. Dealer or auto mechanic shop. We’ll start with this option because these are locations where you can get your vehicle repaired.

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Does AutoZone check engine light?

Does AutoZone Scan Check Engine Lights? AutoZone does. If your light is on, and you are wondering why, head down to your local AutoZone where one of our store associates can help diagnose the issue through our free Fix Finder service.