Which line is the return line on a transmission?

The lower line near the bottom will be the return line.

How do I know which transmission line is my return line?

Generally the higher line on the radiator has fluid going INTO the transmission and the lower one goes back to the transmission, so the higher line has fluid coming out of it and the lower line sucks it back into the transmission.

Which transmission line is return on a 4L60E?

the top radiator line goes back to the trans, it is the return.

Which line is the return line on a C4 transmission?

The rear line is the return line on a C4 transmission like what you have in your 1983 Ford Mustang.

Which line is the return line on the th350?

On a GM Turbo 350 transmission the bottom line is the return line and the one to install a transmission cooler on. The top one is the send line.

What happens if you hook up transmission cooler lines backwards?

If you had it reversed, the pump would be trying topush fluid through the bottom of the cooler, up through the cooler, out the top into the bottom of the rad, and up through the rad to the top. More weight to push.

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Do transmission coolers have a flow direction?

Can Transmission Fluid Flow Through Either Direction on a Transmission Cooler. Helpful Expert Reply: … The cooler can have fluid flow in either direction through it.

Can I use rubber hose for transmission cooling lines?

You can use rubber hose, but make sure it’s transmission cooler line rated. The pressure is quite low (12-15 psi). Double clamp it or use FI type clamps instead of the worm-drive style.

How do I keep my 4L60E cool?

Keep the engine running so that the pump keeps moving oil around. A regular cooler is the best way to go and they aren’t that hard to install. The only other thing that would really help you out would be go to an after market cast aluminum pan with ribs on it to help cool it down.

What size are th350 cooler lines?

-6 x 1/4NPS is the correct size for GM turbo 350, Turbo 400, 700R4, 4L60E and many other GM transmissions.