What is the blue wire for on a car stereo?

Where does the blue wire go on a car stereo?

One thing to note, most head unit wiring harnesses also have a solid blue wire. This wire is typically for power antenna or factory amplifier turn on, do not get this wire confused with the remote turn on wire with the blue/white stripe.

What does the blue wire connect to on a car stereo?

Antenna and Amplifier Wires: The blue wire connects to the antenna, and the blue wire with white stripes is for the amplifier.

Where does the blue and white wire in a car stereo?

The right-front speaker wires are gray, left-front speakers are white, right-rear speakers are purple, and left-rear speakers are green. Ground wires are black, antenna wires are blue, and amplifier wires are blue with a white stripe.

What is a blue wire?

“Blue and yellow wires are sometimes used as hot wires,” Dawson says. Specifically, blue and yellow electrical wires are often used as “traveler wires” for transferring power between three- or four-way switches. … Yellow is more commonly used as a switch leg instead of a traveler wire in these applications.

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Is a blue wire negative or positive?

Yellow is positive, blue is negative. With the 12v wall plug I used it’s red to yellow, black to blue. 3 of 3 found this helpful.

What is the blue wire on a Sony car stereo?

IMPORTANT: If additional installation procedures or information is needed, contact a qualified car stereo installer.

What is the wire color and function of each pin on the 16-pin wiring harness?

Pin Number Wire Color Function
5 Blue or White Amplifier Remote
6 Blue Antenna Remote
7 Red Accessory 12 Volts
8 Black Ground

What color is the constant 12V wire?

Constant (yellow), also called BAT or Battery, provides permanent +12V power from battery. This allows the radio to retain settings (for example stored radio stations) when the ignition is switched off.

What is the accessory wire in a car stereo?

The accessory wire is what triggers the stereo to turn on when your ignition key is in the “accessory” position.

What Colour is the memory wire on a car stereo?

When you find one that shows approximately 12V, you have found the constant 12V wire, also known as the memory wire. It’s yellow in most aftermarket head units.

What does a blue wire do for an amp?

The turn-on wire (also called the remote wire) is located behind the stereo. On aftermarket stereos, it’s usually a blue and white wire. The remote wire will “tell” your amplifier to turn on whenever the stereo is powered up (usually, whenever the vehicle is turned on).

How do you hook up speakers to an amp?

Connect the RCA, speaker, and remote turn-on leads to your amp. Feed the RCA cable along the bottom of the doors, then plug it into the back of the amp. Once you’ve done this, plug the speaker and remote turn-on leads into the back of the amp. These wires may be different colors, depending on the manufacturer.

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