What is included in a windshield survey?

A windshield survey is an informal survey where the health professional drives around the community/area they are researching, and records his/her observations. … This data provides background and context for working in the community or for conducting a community assessment.

What are the components of a windshield survey?

What are windshield and walking surveys?

  • The age, nature, and condition of the community’s available housing.
  • Infrastructure needs – roads, bridges, streetlights, etc.
  • The presence or absence of functioning businesses and industrial facilities.
  • The location, condition, and use of public spaces.

How does the community health nurse perform a windshield survey of a community?

Community health nurses often perform a community windshield survey by driving or walking through an area and making organized observations.

Which of the following best describes the purpose of the windshield survey?

Which of the following best describes the primary purpose of a windshield survey? Provide familiarity and context to the nurse who is new to a community and its members.

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Is windshield surveys considered a secondary data?

CORRECT: Previous health survey results are an example of secondary data the nurse should review. … Windshield surveys are a method of collecting direct data.

What is a windshield survey scholarly articles?

The systematic observation about a community made from a moving vehicle is called as windshield survey. … Both types of survey help to assess general needs of the community and examine more specific facets of the community’s physical, social, or economic character.

What is the purpose of the windshield assessment?

Its purpose is to become familiar with the community and the population by examining factors which impact the health of the population. The examination allows us to identify strengths and capacities as well as gaps and risks.

What do you examine in a general community assessment survey?

___What to examine in a general community assessment survey:

  • Housing.
  • Other buildings.
  • Public spaces.
  • Parks.
  • Culture and entertainment.
  • Streetscape.
  • Street use.
  • Commercial activity.

What are windshield tours?

This grassroots group developed an educational driving excursion, enti- tled the “Windshield Tour”, of the city hospital’s poorest areas. The intent was to provide a very personal, first- hand learning experience in which participants would witness the living conditions of patients from poverty- stricken neighborhoods.

What factors predispose vulnerable populations of patients to develop health problems?

Vulnerable patients are predisposed to developing health problems due to an excess of risks, limited access to health care services, and dependence on others for care.

What is the importance of ocular survey?

  Initial perception of the client community is done through OCULAR SURVEY orWINDSHIELD SURVEY. Walking around the area allows time to be seen and to see, to absorb the atmosphere of the neighborhood.

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Which is a main goal of photovoice?

As a practice based in the production of knowledge, photovoice has three main goals: (1) to enable people to record and reflect their community’s strengths and concerns, (2) to promote critical dialogue and knowledge about important issues through large and small group discussion of photographs, and (3) to reach …

What are included in the ten essential services of public health select all that apply?

Ten Essential Public Health Services

  • Monitor Health. This service is one portion of the assessment component. …
  • Diagnose & Investigate. …
  • Inform, Educate, Empower. …
  • Mobilize Community Partnerships. …
  • Develop Policies. …
  • Enforce Laws. …
  • Link to/Provide Care. …
  • Assure Competent Workforce.

What are 3 methods of collecting primary data?

Primary data can be collected in a number of ways. However, the most common techniques are self-administered surveys, interviews, field observation, and experiments.

What is the best way to gather primary data?

There are a number of different ways to collect primary data, such as focus groups, key informant interviews, and community surveys, among others.

Which components are included in a community diagnosis?

Components of Community Diagnosis

  • A description of the demographics of the population.
  • Sociocultural and behavioral aspects of the community.
  • A general description of health problems by different strata of the population.
  • Availability of health resources in the community and the pattern of delivery and utilization.