What happens when your blower motor resistor goes bad?

If the resistor shorts or fails, it may cause the blower motor to remain stuck on one fan speed. The heating and air conditioning systems may still function at one speed, however the resistor will have to be replaced in order for full functionality to be restored.

What are the signs of a bad blower motor resistor?

Bad Blower Motor Resistor Symptoms

  • Only One Speed From Blower Motor. One of the most common symptoms of trouble with the blower motor resistor is when the fan gets stuck in one setting. …
  • Various Airflow Settings Not Working. …
  • No Air Coming From Vents.

Can you drive without a blower motor resistor?

except blower motor resistors don’t “wear out”; they stop working altogether, suddenly, when the resistance wire inside burns through. Even then, it’s safe to drive the car provided that it has no exhaust leaks which might permit carbon monoxide or oxides of nitrogen to enter the passenger compartment.

Why does my car air conditioner only work on high?

When a blower resistor fails, the highest fan speed usually is the only one that still works because it essentially bypasses the resistor and receives the maximum amount of voltage. When the resistor is working, it reduces the amount of voltage going to the lower fan speeds, so the fan runs slower.

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Is it okay to drive with a bad blower motor?

A bad heater blower motor will not affect the safety of your car, with the possible exception of you not being able to clear the windshield of snow, ice, or condensation if the defrosters don’t work. But you won’t be comfortable inside your car, especially during the cold of winter and the heat of summer.

What’s a heater blower motor resistor?

The blower motor resistor in your car is the part that is responsible for pushing air through the vents when using the air conditioner or heater. The blower motor resistor is constantly put under stress which can cause it to eventually fail.

Can you fix a blower motor resistor?

The average cost to replace the blower motor resistor at a repair shop is between $44 and $55 in parts and $70 in labor costs, for a total cost of around $114 to $125. On the other hand, you can easily fix the blower motor resistor at home in about an hour (even if you’re a beginner) and for around $70.

How do I know if my cooling fan resistor is bad?

Usually a bad cooling fan resistor will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of a potential problem that should be serviced.

  1. Engine overheats. One of the first symptoms of a potential problem with the cooling fan resistor is engine overheating. …
  2. Cooling fan speed issues. …
  3. Cooling fans never turn off.

How much is a motor blower resistor?

How Much Does a Blower Motor Resistor Replacement Cost? A blower motor resistor costs anywhere between $1 and $400. Factors that can affect its price include its condition, configuration, material, and set or kit inclusions. Labor may cost you an extra $45 to $55, depending on your area.

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Does the blower motor resistor control heat?

The blower motor resistor is an electrical component that is a part of the vehicle’s heating and air conditioning system. It is responsible for controlling the blower motor’s fan speed. … A failed blower motor resistor can cause issues with the operation of the entire heating and air conditioning system.

What does a final stage resistor do?

The final stage (or blower motor) resistor controls the speed of the blower motor in your heating & air conditioning system. Faulty resistors can cause a list of erratic issues, from the fan running when the car is off, to only having one fan speed available.